WW International Inc. (WW) Closes at $31.95, Underpriced by 9.28%

Publicly-traded company WW International Inc. (NASDAQ:WW) had a closing price of $31.95 yesterday. Meanwhile, the average 12-month price target from Wall Street analysts is currently $35.22, this means that the stock is underpriced by 9.28%. In the past 52 weeks the company’s stock price has moved within the range of $16.71 to $54.66.

This particular stock’s 5-day moving average is 34.98, its 20-day moving average is 35.82 and its 100-day moving average is 29.51. WW International Inc. (WW) currently has 68.16M shares outstanding, which means that its market capitalization is $2.18B.

The Details: WW International Inc. (WW) Financial Health

There is more than one indicator we can consider while evaluating a potential stock’s financial performance. For example, we can find out a public company’s profit margin, which lets us know how much of a company’s net sales revenue was retained as earnings – which we calculate by dividing net income by total sales revenue. WW currently has a profit margin of 11.00%.

It’s also useful to check out a company’s operating margin, which lets us know how much profit is retained after taking operating costs and depreciation into consideration. WW International Inc. (WW) has an operating margin of 22.90%.

We can also look at Return on Assets, which is a percentage that tells us how good a public company is at using its current assets to generate a profit. Higher percentages mean that the company is better at using its assets. At the moment, WW International Inc. Return on Assets is 10.80%.

What Does Wall Street Say about Company?

When selecting stocks to purchase, many investors want to know what Wall Street analysts are thinking before they pull the trigger. They often look for the average analyst rating. At the moment, the average analyst rating for WW is Overweight. Out of 13 total analysts who were surveyed, 0 rated it a sell, 0 rated it a underweight, 0 rated it an overweight, 9 rated it hold, and 4 rated it a Buy.

Three months ago, on the other hand, the average analyst rating for WW International Inc. (WW) was a Overweight – from a survey of 13 analysts. Of the analysts who provided ratings, 7 rated the company a Hold, 0 rated it a Sell, 1 rated it an overweight, 0 rated it an underweight, and 5 rated it a Buy.

Understanding Profitability at WW International Inc. (WW)

A good method of evaluating a public company’s profitability is by taking a look at its Earnings per Share (EPS) performance. In the most recent financial results released by WW International Inc., for the quarter ending on 12/2019, the company posted EPS of 0.34. The average estimate of Wall Street analysts had projected 0.39.

Wall Street analysts, on average, are forecasting the company’s EPS to be 0.66, compared to 0.94 reported in the same quarter last year. When it comes to net revenue, the average estimate from a total of 10 analysts is 352.72M – compared to 365.8M posted in the year-ago period.