Pensions: how to bring your old-age pension forward by 4 years

For those who want to access the pension some time in advance of the 67 years needed for access to the old-age pension, very important is the number of years of contribution paid as almost all early retirements require a fairly high contribution requirement. Let’s say almost all, because there is a measure that with only 20 years of contributions allows you to bring forward by 4 years the old-age pension. One of our readers asks us: I am 63 years old, I was born on March 15, 1956 with 20 years of contributions. I would like to know if I can retire.

Early retirement with 20 years of contributions

Obviously, as we have written above, there are not many measures that allow early retirement with only 20 years of contributions. Not many, therefore, means that something that allows you to retire before the age of 67 with a few years of contributions exists.

It is not a question of a real early retirement but rather of an advance thanks to a loan as a pension guarantee. The measure that allows you to bring your old-age pension forward by 4 years is the voluntary Ape, but beware, the cost of the advance falls entirely on the applicant.

The pension is granted 4 years in advance thanks to a loan granted by the banks, which will then be returned to access to the old-age pension plus interest. The repayment can be made by withdrawing twenty years from the future pension (but you can also decide to pay in a smaller number of installments).

Unfortunately, with its contribution years, this is the only alternative to retirement to the old-age pension, alternatively it will have to wait until the age of 67.

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