Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi? No, better at the Quirinale (in 2022)

Many journalists (including myself on the “Sun”) had caressed an idea denied by the facts, except surprises of the last hour, before President Mattarella gave the five days to a still hypothetical Giallorossi alliance as an alternative to a government guarantee: what would be better than an executive euro-directed by Mario Draghi? Who more than “Super-Mario” (the real one and not Monti, the professor in loden) could worthily occupy the seat of Palazzo Chigi? It would also have been a nice coincidence because Draghi will leave the ECB at the end of October.

The helmsman of the Eurotower would have been the right man in the right place, as happened when, after the United States (where he was a student of Nobel Modigliani and then of the World Bank), he came to govern Bankitalia: in a short time he straightened out Italy’s monetary destiny. Among other things, his early departure from Frankfurt would not have created particular problems because his successor is already biting the brakes. Instead of Draghi, in fact, was designated the French Christine Lagarde, a surname that is a whole program: from autumn, we Italians will have to be particularly on guard in Frankfurt.

Returning to Palazzo Chigi, the very “unitalian” par excellence (the Americans had thus renamed it an Italian, considering it a bit atypical), he would have been really able to straighten the tricolour boat. Of course, even at the ECB not everything went smoothly: this is the case of the “quantitative easing” – the rescue network after the “Greek crying” – which, according to many, cost the EU citizens an enormity. But these findings proved to be rather fragile.

The truth is that the “Supermario” himself would prefer to stand still for a while. Those who know him well argue that he would willingly allow himself a period of “relaxation” as, moreover, he has always done in his life. A small example? Once he told me that, when he was still driving Via Nazionale, to be able to relax, in the evening he never missed a TV episode of “Striscia la notizia”. Today he would need a “banner” to the cube before getting back in the game: for him the ideal would be to point, in 2022, at the Quirinale when the presidency Mattarella expires.

Because the cut of parliamentarians has an effect on the model of democracy
Science fiction hypothesis? I would say no, also because the rumour has already circulated of one of his possible nominations as a senator for life that would take place before the change of the guard at the Hill. And, then, let’s arm ourselves with healthy patience and wait. But I’d like to point out something to those who should form the Giallorossi coalition: remember that “Super-Mario” is “romano de’ Roma”…

Cody Benson

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